Welcome, my name is Isidro

I am a graduate student at Arizona State University studying Software Engineering,
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Hello, I am a graduate student at Arizona State University, Ira A Fulton Schools of Engineering, in Mesa, Arizona. I am fascinated by the world of Software Engineering, and I am constantly learning and improving my craft. My focus area is in web and mobile applications.

This site allows me to share my experiences through graduation. To learn more about me free to click here.

Latest Works

My passion for development extends outside the classroom.
Here are a couple of my independent projects where I went out and solved challenges for other organizations.


Web Application for Beta Alpha Psi


This past Summer I had the opportunity to join the Disney Professional Internship Program by working at ESPN as a Software Engineer Intern in Bristol, Connecticut.

This 10 week program was overwhelmingly influential as a developer. I was challenged and humbled by the entire experience. To learn more about what I worked on click here.



3+ years of experience writing desktop and mobile applications


Mobile and TV applications developed on the Android platform


Over a year experience writing desktop and distributed applications


2+ years of experience with applications in PHP


Comfortable writing various applications in Python


Professional experience using the latest ECMAScript 6 standards

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