Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary and professional organization for students of accountancy, finance, and information systems. This organization desperately needed a redesign of their website and internal operations. Much of their event and member processing was tediously done through spreadsheets and manually punched into a document. They reached out to me to create a web application that would automate their needs.

During my internship, I worked with another intern to create This application showcases the club and its members. It's not only to promote the club and attract new members but to also facilitate all functions within and outside the organization.


In August of 2016, we launched just days before the new academic year. The launched was a learning experience. Errors were rampant in the application and members could not log in or find what they were looking for. Long nights were spent smoothing out various bugs and UI elements.

The site is running smoothly now. I learned the importance of user experience design and test driven development. Overall, I was humbled by the experience and took more out of it than if no problems had occurred.


This application has an extensive back end that is all controlled by the officers of the club. As you can see on the right, when a member logs in they have the ability to see various information. The image on the right is an officer view of the hub. This view is the same as a regular member, except with the addition of the officer tools. In the officer tools, officers can add new events and keep track of all members.

Event tracking and attendance is crucial to the club, so these were some of the biggest challenges in the application. Members have hour requirements in order to maintain their membership, and they gain these hours by attending certain events. As you can see in the image on the right, officers have the ability to easily keep track of hours for every member.

Before this application all of the event tracking was done manually. Now members are responsible for checking into events through the application, and this allows officers to focus more on promoting the club through this automation.

What Next?

I am currently adding new features to the site, as well as resolving any issues it may have. Some of the new features in process are a more efficient password recovery system, donations through the recovery system, donations through the Stripe API, as well as other features according to the organizational needs.

The club overturns their executive board every year, and this creates a difficult transitionary period. To help solve this, I would like to have the application as transitional as possible for the new oncoming board.

Technologies Used


Entire application is written in PHP

Cake PHP

Used the Cake PHP framework and its MVC architecture


Our dependency management tool


Used for our hosting needs


Used a relational database for all of our data


Responsible for the behavior of many pages