Android Golf Application


The idea of creating a mobile GPS aided golf application came from years of experience playing golf. Many of the courses I played did not have the tools you see in the picture on the left. The picture shows a built in GPS application in a golf cart. This allows players to know exactly how far they are from the hole. When a player knows exactly how far they are from a hole their game and experience improves drastically. This technology, unfortunately, is quite expensive and only courses that can afford it may have GPS installed in their golf carts.

Now a days, the same accuracy produced by the device on the left can be matched by our phones. With this in mind, I came to the realization that I could design a mobile application that will do the same thing.

After months of planning and design, I have completed a working template that can be easily tailored to fit any golf course in the world. In this page, I will discuss how the application works and its potential.


The main focus of the application is the yardage book activity shown on the right. In order for the application to be considered accurate and useful, the error of the GPS readings need to be less than 10 yards. Currently, the readings are within 1-3 yards of error on all of the tested devices. The numbers shown are the distances from my house to the front, middle and back of the green on hole number 2 at a local golf course.

Google Maps was used to get the longitude and latitude of the front, middle and back of each hole.

One JSON File to Rule Them All

All of the data such as, the longitude and latitude of a certain hole, the name of the course, and the contact information, is all stored in one JSON file. To create a new app for another course, the only thing that would need to be changed is this file. The process of retrieving all of the data would likely take under an hour.

For demonstration purposes, the application is tailored to one specific course, however, my goal is to easily produce different versions for multiple courses.

What Next?

I am currently talking with management at a few different courses to publish this application for their customers. Once a course is interested, I will tailor the application for that course and publish it in the app store.

Also, I am starting the process of learning Swift in order to reproduce the application on IOS.

Technologies Used

Google Maps

Used to get longitudes and latitudes of each hole


Application is developed for Android phones and tablets


Used to hold all the data for application